Saturday, October 30, 2004


muah will be py's travelling companion for the oncoming trip!

will start to pack my luggage today. includes the usual toiletries. i will only be bringing 1 set of pyjamas (1 t-shirt and 1 shorts) for the 4 nites. so told py that she can come near me for the 1st nite but remain at 2 bus lengths for the least of the nites. (Ha ha!!) Air freshener pls!

will not be planning any itinery (spell check not working). just go with the flow. Will be eating, swimmming, relaxing in the lounge!

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oceanskies79 said...

Hi Mystic, I have checked why the spell check did not work. It was because your browser has been set to block pop-ups. You may wish to click on the anti-pop-up bar and select the option of allowing pop-ups from the site. This should help rectify the problem. When you use the spell-check function, a pop-up will appear to give you suggestions to correct possibly mis-spelt words.
I think the correct spelling should be "itinerary". Take care meantime.