Sunday, April 03, 2005

Walking about on 3 April

Sightings and photos taken on 3 April 2005:

Boats and Clifford Pier Posted by Hello

Fullerton Hotel in daytime Posted by Hello

Merlion on a dull day Posted by Hello

Esplanade - Theatres by the Bay again! Posted by Hello

Interior - near Esplanade Theatre Posted by Hello

Interior (2) Posted by Hello

Nature's light falls through. Posted by Hello

Noon hour on the roof-top Posted by Hello

Greenery on the roof top Posted by Hello

If any of the photo above is favourite, please let me know.

1 comment:

mistipurple said...

i like all your pics. what caught my attention was the sprig of red flower at the edge of the stately fullerton hotel. a soft contrary, may i call it?
the 2 "durian" domes at that angle was also very well taken. i like the slant and the path. like a fairy land! can imagine some elves and gnomes who might want a short tropical holiday there!
there's a couple more that i truly like. i can "see" and "hear" what you were conveying. thanks for the experience.