Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Singapore River Hong Bao 2006

The Esplanade Park that I have often taken walks in has now turned to the site for the Singapore River Hong Bao 2006. What used to be a relatively quiet park has now turned to a place with lots of activities and quite a number of people. If you don't see many people in the photos that I had taken, it was probably because I was there very early in the day, at about 11.20 a.m. Most of the stalls that operated there weren't even opened as yet.

The goat. One of the Chinese zodiac signs.

My favourite part of the Singapore River Hong Bao 2006 is the pictorial exhibition of the Singapore River. It reminded me of some of the things that I have heard from the tour: By the Belly of the Carp - A Singapore River Walk. It was eye-opening for myself to get to see photos of how the Singapore River used to look like in the past.

Somehow, it was a nice feeling to see how the adults tried to make use of the exhibition panels to explain to their children (and grandchildren) how they had experienced life in the past. I guess we ourselves can be instrumental in passing down history and heritage to the future generations?

Exhibition panels. This set of panels describes the history of the Singapore River Hong Bao.

I had lunch there. On hindsight, the price was a little too steep for the kind of servings that I've got. I had wanted the lunch set, but it was not available. I had to settle for a less preferred option, the Hainanese Chicken Rice. It was alright, but was far from satisfying to me.

A tip for readers here. I suggest that if you were to visit the Singapore River Hong Bao 2006 (especially if the weather is hot), please bring along your own drinks. The drinks there are expensive. On the average, one can of drink cost $2 only. But of course, if you aren't like me (I like plain water to flavoured drinks), you might do good to the business there by spending your money on the flavoured drinks.

Flowers to brighten one's mood. These are real flowers. Observe carefully, could you see insects hovering above these flowers?

The God of Fortune

This is a wishing well. I heard that one has to use coins and make the coins hit one of the bells. If any coin were to hit the bell, that wish will come true.

Singapore River Hong Bao 2006. Close to the waters.

It was high-tide when I was there today. I like the feeling of being close to the waters. I like the sounds of the waters. Now, do you hear the waves hitting against the shores?


Shaun Wong said...

Thanks PY, really nice photos for crowd-shy ppl like myself.

oceanskies79 said...

Hi Toycon. You are welcome.

Actually I took the pictures during the earlier part of the day just to avoid the crowds.