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Growing up in Ang Mo Kio: Jubilee - a place for kindergarten graduation ceremonies

Source: National Archives of Singapore.
PhotoCD Number : 19980005811
Image Number : 0034

Today, it is common to see cineplexes where several movie-theatres are found within one building. When I was just a young child of about five to six years old, it was common for one large movie-theatre to be located within one single building. One example was the Jubilee Cinema. I still have vague impressions of the large capacity of the theatre of the Jubilee Cinema of the 1980s in my memory.

When I was six-years-old, I had my kindergarten graduation ceremony held at the Jubilee Cinema. I recall seeing many students from various classes of the nearby PAP (People's Action Party) kindergartens having their graduation ceremony there. If I remember correctly, after the graduation ceremony and the prize-giving ceremony, all those who have attended the event were treated to a cartoon movie.

Source: National Archives of Singapore.
PhotoCD Number : 19980007383
Image Number : 0106

Today, on the exact site where Jubilee Cinema had used to stand is Jubilee Complex. The movie-theatres in Jubilee Complex aren't as large as the movie-theatre of the Jubilee Cinema in the 1980s. However, societal needs and expectations have changed and it seems that it could be more cost-effective to operate several smaller movie-theatres than a single large movie-theatre at a given location.

One question that came to my mind as I was writing this post is: Where do the graduating PCF (PAP Community Foundation) kindergarten students from the kindergartens in Ang Mo Kio of today have their graduation ceremonies?

Please tell me if you should know the answer.

Jubilee Complex. Taken in year 2007.

Meantime, for the movie-lovers, you may wish to read From Kachang To Popcorn (Part 1) by laokokok to have an appreciation of cinemas of the past.

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