Sunday, March 20, 2005

Beauty of the Night

These are photos taken along the Singapore River at night. Let me know which is your favourite.

If you know of techniques to take good and clear photos of night scenes, please share with me. Thanks in advance.

Fullerton Hotel and Anderson Bridge by the night. Posted by Hello

Reflections. Singapore River. Near Boat Quay. Posted by Hello

Fullerton Hotel.  Posted by Hello

Watching the boats go by on Cavenagh Bridge. Posted by Hello

Maybank. Taken from Cavenagh Bridge. Posted by Hello

Esplanade - Theatres by the Bay, taken on a smoky night. Posted by Hello

The Merlion, overlooking the mouth of the river. Posted by Hello

Splashes! Posted by Hello

1 comment:

mistipurple said...

maybank has an interesting slant near the top of its structure, a disbelieving cutaway which made me look twice.
is that a pot of gold at the end of the merlion's spout! as mystical as you!
the shimmering lights on the water of the second pic brought me into neptune's court.
what more can i say, i like all the pics, with their night lights! once again ocean, thanks for bringing me the sights.