Sunday, March 13, 2005

Labrador Park: The casemate

Entrance of one of the rooms of the casemate. Labrador Tunnels, Labrador Park. Posted by Hello

Oils are stored here. Posted by Hello

In one of the rooms of the casemate. Posted by Hello

Living quarters of the soldiers, in one of the rooms of the casemate. Posted by Hello

Rubble and debris. This room of the casemate has been severely hit by both the Japanese and the British. Posted by Hello

The damaged ceiling of the underground tunnels. The wire mesh was placed recently to give an idea of the original height of the ceiling before the bombings. Posted by Hello

This was how the underground tunnel would look like when it was rediscovered in year 2001. Posted by Hello

The brick. This brick was supplied by Mr Lim Bo Seng's company. He was a major brick supplier in the late 1930s. His company supplied the bricks that were laid in certain sections of the casemates at Labrador Battery. Posted by Hello

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