Saturday, August 20, 2005

2 Aug 05: At the hostel

Here's posting photos taken at the Hillhead Hostel. Enjoy. If you like, please read the post on my main blog: 2 Aug 05, part two: Arrived in Aberdeen for more details.

In short, I was in Aberdeen (in Scotland), participating in the Aberdeen International Youth Festival earlier this month. Thereafter, I travelled to London on my own and was there from 13 - 17 Aug 05.

I hope these series of photos to come would give you a visual depiction of my recent UK trip. Like this blog is meant to be, a depiction and collection of photos and short write-ups of places.

I will miss the blue skies of Aberdeen, and its nice evening skies.

The pipe band
This shows the pipe band playing.


I was laying down on the grass within the hostel's compound. It was already past 7.30 p.m. and it was still bright on a summer evening. I have Mystic to thank for teaching me how to take photographs of myself without any help of anyone else. If it looked nice, tell Mystic that she has been a good teacher. *Winks*


The night. The building is the Adam Smith House, the block where I stayed.

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