Sunday, December 03, 2006

Hydromania, at National Museum of Singapore

On 2 Dec 2006, after a delightful dinner with one of my good friends, we proceeded for the National Museum of Singapore.

At about 7.30 p.m., my friend and I each found ourselves a spot to sit down on the grass area surrounding the museum's Stamford Entrance. What were we doing there? We were waiting for Hydromania, by Avanti Dislay to start at 8 p.m.

My friend did not have much idea what she would be watching so I suppose I must be thankful that she was brave and obliging enough to trust me and my recommendation. She told me she does not usually find herself sitting down on the grass to watch a performance whose contents she has no idea of.

At 7.30 p.m., there was not much of a crowd as yet, but by 8 p.m., I could see a large pull of crowd surrounding the Stamford Entrance.

Before I start writing about the performance, I shall wind the time back to a few hours before the performance.

It was about three hours before the performance, I could see several men setting up for the performance. Since the performance involved the use of water, it was no surprise that I saw hoses containing water. I also saw men on the roof-top of the museum. I wondered how the performance would be later the evening, but I had a feeling that my friend would find it refreshing.

Turning the time to 7.45 p.m., my friend and I decided that we shall take photographs of the grass! There is something special about the grass. I could not tell what makes it special but it looked like good quality grass. In addition, the soil that the grass grew on didn't seem to be mud-clay. It was fairly dry, clean and well-maintained.

I love the thought of sitting on clean grass to catch a performance. Somehow, doing so reminds me of the times when I was visiting United Kingdoms. Sitting on grass is quite a norm there since the grass in UK is quite clean to sit on. On the other hand, I could hardly remember any area of grass in Singapore that feels dry and clean enough for one to sit with ease on. Maybe, I have found that area of grass on 2 Dec 2006?

I shall give the credits to my friend for coming up with the concept for this photograph: grass, shoe, drink and bums.

While waiting, we could not help but while our time by taking photographs of the museum's building. Maybe that was our way of enjoying the simple pleasures of life?

This photo was taken by my friend.

At 8.05 p.m., we took this photograph and the camera's lenses were pointed towards the direction of the empty stage.

I did not like the singing item at the start of the performance. However, the performance by Avanti Display proved itself to be a humourous, original and refreshing performance.

I was so enticed with the performance that I decided I shall just simply watch the performance and not take too many photographs. As such, my apologies that I would not have any photograph of the The Spurting Man in action.

It turned out that my friend enjoyed the performance too. I supposed that she wasn't alone.

If you have missed Hydromania, there are many other of activities and events. For more information, do check out:


Anonymous said...

being there, and i can only say what a let down. First, you have your typical fanfare, like water, fire and such. Only those heartlanders will only enjoy. With water hose poke thru the ass and then water sprouting out all over their body, and you call this art and culture? i noticed quite a number of tourist walk away and find this hard to imgaine. And you call this world class act?
Well, if you enjoy this. then i'm sadden by your generation of youth. Take my advice, go and watch TTRP works, and you shall become a better person.
You are such a waste.

TV said...

may i ask what your problem is with this performance? is it a sin to have what you call 'typical fanfare' performed at the museum? i really don't think art and culture should be in any way confined to YOUR narrow perspective of what it should be.
might i point out that it was also free for the public to view, and it didn't ask for anything in return for all that was done up there. if tourists wanted to walk away then it's up to them - ever crossed your mind that they might have watched it before or had other plans in mind? perhaps you should have walked away as well, it'd have saved you the effort you put in in wasting the space here.

eastcoastlife said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog.

Ahhh, the National Museum of Singapore is opened! It's so beautiful.

I shall visit it when I get home.