Sunday, December 17, 2006

Master Street Painter at work

While I was at the National Museum of Singapore, I had the privilege to see Kurt Wenner, a Master Street Painter, at work.

In conjunction with the National Museum's Opening Festival, Kurt Wenner has been invited "to create an original anamorphic drawing, live, at the National Museum."

It was an interesting experience to see an artist at work. Having taken art lessons in the past myself, I must say that Kurt Wenner has very good technique. I love the way he handled the pastels so proficiently. It reminded me to consider taking some time to return to sketching. I haven't been sketching for quite a long time, but I must say that sketching is very therapeutic.

Kurt Wenner has a website:

While seeing him in action, I secretly wish that one day I can become wealthy enough to commission him to do some artworks for me.

Meantime, he will be at the National Museum of Singapore till 19 Dec 2006, so do check out. Details can be found here.

Edit: Veron has a wonderful post on Kurt Wenner at the National Museum, check out her post: Kurt Wenner at the National Museum
Edit2: Do check out Viv & Chewie's post too: Kurt Wenner - google eye extraordinaire


Ivan Chew said...

Wow. That is ONE talented person sia! You wish you could commission him. I wish I could be commissioned like him! LOL

Cool Insider said...

Thanks for going to National Museum and your post. It is great to know that they are attracting a wider crowd than the usual suspects lately. The Mother of Hapsburg exhibition is quite great too!

oceanskies79 said...

Ivan Chew: I shall hope for you that you can one day earn your first art commission.

Cool Insider: I went for the Mother Empress of Habsburg Austria exhibition. It was nice, and I love the Mozart Classical work played in the background. I happen to capture some photos without using flash.....but the security reminded me that even photography without flash is not allowed. *frown*

Would I need to gain clearance in order to post those photographs if I were to post them and do a write-up on my visit to that exhibition on

Anonymous said...

Look at my 3D-pictures, please:

I hope you will like it. :)