Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Art and History Tours at Gillman Barracks

If you have visited Gillman Barracks recently, you may find yourself enjoying world class contemporary art works as if you were out of Singapore.

Gillman Barracks is located on the site of a former military camp. It is now home to 15 international galleries that are housed in conserved colonial barracks. The galleries are set amid a landscape that looked as if one is in a countryside. Such a landscape is very different from the familiar high-rise landscapes of Singapore.

When I was there, I enjoyed the walks from one gallery to another under the tropical and humid weather. Away from the urban landscape, Gillman Barracks would be considered a place of retreat for people who prefer to stay away from the air-conditioned malls and to be closer to art and colonial style architecture.

One challenge is that appreciating contemporary art may not come easy for everyone. How could a novice navigate the spaces at Gillman Barracks in less than two hours and yet gain some appreciation of some of the art works on display?

Special thanks to the Friends of The Museum, trained docents will be giving public guided tours at Gillman Barracks. The guided tours provide insights to the world class contemporary art works located within Gillman Barracks and an introduction to the rich history and nature of the site.

I have attended one of the Art and History tours at Gillman Barracks and I have found that it lent me insights to appreciating the art works at Gillman Barracks.

The tours run on a weekly basis from Fridays to Sundays at varied timings. Prior registration is required. For more information, please visit

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