Monday, December 08, 2014

Roasting Tour at Papa Palheta

CSHH Coffee Bar, 150 Tyrwhitt Road, Singapore 207563.

Coffee-lovers in Singapore who are curious to learn how coffee beans used in specialty coffee are roasted could consider going for a roasting tour organised by Papa Palheta, the independent coffee boutique.

Papa Palheta. At the Annex. 150 Tyrwhitt Road.

Several months ago, out of curiosity and interest to learn how to brew a good cup of coffee, I took up a Foundation barista course with Bettr Barista Coffee Academy. Subsequently, while browsing various website, I learnt that Papa Palheta organizes a roasting tour, usually on the last Sunday of each month, and I decided it will be a worthwhile experience to see first-hand for myself how coffee is roasted at Papa Palheta.

For safety reasons and better interactions, the Roasting Tour conducted by Papa Palheta is limited to a minimum of three and maximum of six participants. Eager to ensure that there is a minimum number of three participants to get the tour confirmed, I went around asking those of my friends whom I think would be keen. In the end, I did not manage to get a friend who was free as well as interested to attend the roasting tour together with me. Thankfully, the tour went on as planned.

Coffee beans from different sources dried using different methods. At Papa Palheta.

At the start of the tour, our guide gave us an introduction to specialty coffee and the roasting process. Curious to find out more? Go for the tour!

After the theoretical yet interesting part, we went to the roastery. At the roastery, our guide showed us coffee beans from different sources that were dried using different methods. Afterwhich, we had a first-hand experience witnessing how coffee is being roasted. I learnt the art and science behind roasting coffee.

After the tour, each of us were given a complimentary pack of roasted coffee. Our guide brewed coffee for us. The coffee beans used for the brew were similar to the coffee beans that we had witnessed being roasted at the roastery. The only difference was perhaps that the coffee beans used for the brew were roasted a day or two before the tour.

Enjoy a brew of coffee.

The brewed coffee tasted good! I could drink it without sugar and I was savouring every drop of it.

Many thanks to the people at Papa Palheta for organizing the tour. I paid $28 for the one-hour tour which our guide had extended out of his enthusiasm. I think this is a pretty value-for-money tour for anyone who is curious to have a first-hand experience to witness the process of roasting coffee. Coffee-lovers with no experience with roasting are likely to find themselves more appreciative of every cup of specialty coffee that they drink after attending this roasting tour. A good roast enhances the taste of the coffee.

Roasting Tour
Papa Palheta
150 Tyrwhitt Road
Singapore 207563

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