Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Penang Beach

This afternoon I was having lunch with a colleague and I briefly spoke about my trip to Penang. She told me that the Penang Beach is very nice. I have no clue as to which beach she is referring to. She also told me that it would be nice to consider to travel to Langkawi, a place nearby Penang. Well, for your information, I have a feeling that this colleague of mine is a person who loves the outdoor, the sun and the adventure. I think I won't mind these, but I am definitely not a die hard or ardent supporter of these.

Anyway, I went up to the internet to search, and I have found a simple map of Penang. The only beach that is being indicated on the map are the Northern Beaches. I wonder if my colleague was referring to them?

Well, maybe I could visit the Penang beach if my friend cum travel companion would agree to the idea? By the way, I am looking forward to have her as a contributor of this blog. I think she will add some spice to this blog. I reckon all of you must have been pretty bored trying to read the same old writing style from me times and over again. It is as if I have only interest for the river, the museums and what I deem romantic. Anyway, I better not give my friend too much pressure unintentionally. It was intended for her to post at her pace.

Now I shall have to go. I reasoned that I should start packing for the trip. Stay tuned.

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