Saturday, October 23, 2004

River of Life: The Singapore River

I have a personal liking for the Singapore River. It is a river with a rich history, and a potential future.

It is often peaceful and comforting to stroll along the Singapore River, even if I were alone. Most of the times, I am alone when I go on my mini-adventure along the Singapore River.

I recall that during these times alone, I often got to reacquaint with myself, I learnt to be more comfortable with the person I am. It is as if I have been having an internal dialogue. Somehow, I enjoy having this sense of connectedness with myself. The Singapore River seems to often have the power to set the ambience for such times of reflection and "reconnection".

It is nice, although a little luxury, to take a cruise on a bumboat along the Singapore River. It is as if a spirit of romanticism is in the air.

To share my special liking for the Singapore River, I shall try to post some photos and write a few more posts about the Singapore River. As I write this post, I could imagine hearing the sounds of the water from the Singapore River, visualise the many beautiful scenes. Such is a pleasure.

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