Sunday, October 31, 2004

Preparing for Penang

Before I write this post proper, I shall cordially welcome mystic for joining me to be the contributor of this blog. I think she must have been trying to be humourous in her previous post *wink*.

I have more or less packed most of the things I needed for the Penang trip. I am thinking of bringing a book along to read. It is important to nourish one's mind even when one's on a travelling trip. Think about all the time spent waiting for the hotel to get the room ready, the waiting for breakfast to be ready, I figured having a good book to read would really be helpful. Yet, I have not found a book that is not too complex for the mind, yet still very insightful to read during my trip to Penang.

So I shall not count on reading to fill up the many seconds of waiting time that I might have in Penang. Aside from having my lovely travel companion with me for the trip, I shall have my sketch book, drawing pens, and digital camera as company. Sketching and taking photos shall help me capture some of the scenes of Penang.

Meantime, I am looking forward to the trip. My travel companion and I are scheduled to depart for Penang in about two days time.

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