Sunday, January 30, 2005

Woman with Cigarette

By Botero (1987) Posted by Hello

Esplanade Park Posted by Hello

Another angle

Woman with Fruit. Taken from another angle. Posted by Hello

Woman with Fruit

Woman with Fruit. By Botero.  Posted by Hello

Man on a Horse

Botero's "Man on a Horse". This is a bronze sculpture. It is now on display at the Esplanade till 27 Feb 2005. Posted by Hello

The War Memorial Posted by Hello


Catch the reflections. I quite like the clouds on the sky too. This was taken at the Esplanade. Posted by Hello

Sunny Esplanade

Esplanade - Theatres by the Bay, on a bright sunny day. Posted by Hello

Catch the breeze and the sun

Nice spot to chill out along Marina Promenade. Posted by Hello

From Marina Promenade

View from Marina Promenade. Taken on 23 Jan 05. Posted by Hello

Joyous Rivers

Sculpture titled "Joyous Rivers" by Yu Chan Chee Elsie. Located along Marina Promenade. Posted by Hello