Sunday, March 05, 2017

Good OH' Holland Village 2017

Holland Village. the HDB flats.

I love to enjoy art and history out of the museum's setting. When I heard about OH! Open House's programme, Good OH' Holland Village, that gets the visitor to go onboard three of the art tours, I knew it was the adventure I would like to go for.

OH! Tours Visitor Centre, at 52 Jalan Kelabu Asap.

All tours begin at the OH! Tours Visitor Centre, at 52 Jalan Kelabu Asap, Singapore 278245. I later learnt that the site of the OH! Tours Visitor Centre was rented for the purpose of the event.

Three thoughtfully curated art tours had delighted my heart and soul. Even though there were a bit of logistical hiccups as I took a bit longer than expected to get back to the OH! Tours Visitor Centre for one of the tours and had to a slight overhaul to my tour itineraries, I had generally enjoyed the entire experience of OH! Holland Village.

The three art tours are:

Koh Hong Teng's Excerpts from "Gone Case" (2010).

Holland Drive HDB Flats, the HDB Tour:
 This tour took me to the heartlands of Holland Village. It is interesting to see how art could transform the spaces of the HDB units.

Ezzam Rahman's "you pick what i left behind" (2017).

The Hakka Cemetery Tour:
This tour actually starts out at a HDB unit at Blk 9 Holland Close. This is a tour to travel solo and explore on our own. I felt so thankful I found my way to the various locations and back to the OH! Tours Visitor Centre again.

Anthony Chin's "East of Suez" (2017)

The Chip Bee Tour:
This tour took the participants through the former colonial estate. I felt I was out of Singapore and enjoying a dash of nostalgia. I will love to rent the space of one of the endearing apartments at Chip Bee Gardens at a most affordable rate.

Chip Bee Gardens.

My favourite piece of art of all from OH! Holland Village is Anthony Chin's "East of Suez". Somehow I felt it appealed to me in that very particular space that it was exhibited.

Overall, attending OH! Holland Village has been an experience that I love. This art walkabout programme allowed me to walk about, to sight-see, to experience architecture and interior design in spaces which I may otherwise not go to, and to experience art. Despite having to brave a bit of rain and lots of sunshine, I love OH! Holland Village!

Please visit this site for more information:

OH! Holland Village
Saturdays and Sundays
4 - 19 Mar 2017
Tours run from 4 p.m.
$27.50 for three 45-minutes tour