Friday, July 28, 2006

National Museum of Singapore

It will usually bring me fond memories whenever I walk past the National Museum of Singapore.

I remember myself joining one of the night-tours before the museum was closed for the recent renovations. The best part that I most enjoyed was to be able to climb up the stairway to the roof-top of the museum. Actually, it felt eerie to be up there, especially when the tour guide was sharing with the tour group about haunted stories that were known to the museum. Nevertheless, the climb up was the best part for it was novel. Furthermore, it would be rare for most member of the public to be up there on the roof-top.

Last weekend, I decided to take a breather from practising, and I visited the National Museum of Singapore. The visit brought back nice memories. Here are some snapshots from my visit.

This was the exhibitiion that I went for last weekend.


This familiar courtyard somehow felt new to me, because of the open-museum concept.


The wonders of glass.


Look up at the glass panels. When they were constructed to commerate the reign of Queen's Victoria (?), they were an engineering feat.


I had not enjoy walking up this flight of stairs, but a nostalgic feeling was triggered when I saw it last weekend.


I like the architecture here.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Little India in shades of brown

In response to Jessey's post titled What is your colour of Little India?, I shall add my input.

For some reasons, one of the colours that Little India (Singapore) reminds me of is brown. The shades of brown that can be seen in many of the delicious food that can be found in Little India.

The food should taste better than they look on the photos, shouldn't it?

Mutton masala?

Poori: with dough made from whole-wheat flour, made into balls and deep-fried. Posted by Hello

Masala Thosai, with its sauces. Posted by Hello

The Garlic Naan on the left, and the Chapati on the right. Posted by Hello

Naan, as I got to find out, is dough made from refined flour. The process of making naan goes like this: The dough is slapped at the side of the tandoor, then hooked with an iron skewer and taken out.

End the meal with a cup of Masala tea.

Masala actually refers to an assortment of herbs and spices. If I could remember correctly, the Masala Tea contains spices such as cloves, cinnamon, fennel and so forth. The aroma of the tea is rather strong.

That is Little India to me, full of nice food that spices up my day.

Now it is my turn to facilitate the continuation of the meme? Alright, what colour is Little India to you?

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