Monday, February 06, 2006

Chingay and floats

Part of a float. I was attracted to what looked like a pink butterfly. Posted by Picasa

Tonight, I walked to the carpark next to Ang Mo Kio bus interchange to catch glimpses of the many floats on display. The floats were there as part of the Chingay @ Ang Mo Kio event. The colourful floats helped bring life to the usually cold-looking carpark.

I read that "Chingay is held annually and traditionally during the Lunar New Year to showcase Singapore’s rich multi-cultural heritage." Click here to read the interesting history behind the Chingay.

Nearby the floats, there was a section whereby a group of people were dancing line-dance. The music that the group of people was dancing to also helped to liven up the ambience of the normally quiet carpark.

If you wish to catch a glimpse of the floats, check this schedule.

One good way to advertise. Posted by Picasa

Float featuring the zoo. Hippo-fun? Posted by Picasa

The float featuring the zoo. Posted by Picasa

Some places are meant to be only temporary. Soon, the floats will no longer be there in the carpark. The carpark remains, except without the colourful lights from the floats.