Monday, February 01, 2016

The Jubilee Walk Exclusive Tour

National Museum of Singapore.

Created to mark Singapore's Golden Jubilee in 2015, the Jubilee Walk is a specially curated trail of iconic sites. The Jubilee Walk recalls Singapore's history, her path towards nationhood and presents Singapore's present and future as a global city.

Thanks to the invitation of the National Heritage Board, I had the opportunity to attend the Jubilee Walk Exclusive Tour on 30 Jan 2016. The exclusive Jubilee Walk guided tour treated us to a tour of various sites of the Jubilee Walk led by Jubilee Walk Researcher, Marcus Ng. This exclusive Jubilee Walk covers more sites than the normal upcoming Jubilee Walk tours which would cover five sites.

The National Museum of Singapore is starting point of the Jubilee Walk. This building is Singapore's first purpose-built museum. Our guide, Marcus Ng, shared with us the history of the building, weaving in a few of Singapore's key milestones since 1823.

One of my favourite locations of the Jubilee Walk is the Fort Canning Park. Being close to Nature and listening to our guide traced a glimpse of Singapore's history to as early as the 14th century had brought a lot of delight. Be prepared for an adventurous and intriguing walk. I was reminded that the current Fort Canning Hill was the site of the first Botanical Gardens in Singapore.

Flower-head of Parkia timoriana.

Our knowledgeable and eloquent guide led the group to more sites along the Jubilee Walk. Along the way, the markers of the Jubilee Walk marked the trail. These Jubilee Walk's markers reminded of the brick markers of the Freedom Trail in Boston, United States of America.

The Jubilee Walk Exclusive Tour brought us to learn about sites such as the current Singapore Philatelic Museum and the Peranakan Museum. Participants also learnt about the influence of the Armenian community as the tour led us nearby the Armenian Apostolic Church of St Georgy The Illuminator.

Singapore Philatelic Museum to the left.

It was interesting to listen to a few of the participants in the tour group sharing their personal anecdotes of their experiences growing up nearby sites of the Jubilee Walk. I felt I was being transported to a moment in the past as I listened attentively to their personal accounts.

Hill Street Fire Station.

After the Old Hill Street Police Station, the participants of our tour group were greeted by the Singapore River. The Singapore River was yet another favourite sites of the Jubilee Walk of mine. As we strolled along the Singapore River, our tour guide reminded us of the critical issue of water survival for Singapore and highlighted the sites along the Jubilee Walk that present the significance of water issue for Singapore.

Singapore River.

Fullerton Building.

During the tour, our tour guide revealed that the overall themes of the Jubilee Walk were that of change and continuity. He pointed us to examples that demonstrated these themes. My mind pictured how people from all walks of life have worked together to transform Singapore and to ensure its continuity. As I walked along the Jubilee Walk, I reflected what have changed and what have continued over time.

The Jubilee Walk Exclusive Tour will be a 2-hour walk that is worthy of consideration for anyone who is interested in celebrating the milestones that Singapore has achieved over the years, and to gain a sense of Singapore's present and future.

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