Sunday, October 15, 2006

The paper-house at SMU

Paper House by Shigeru Ban.

Many weeks ago, I purchased a ticket to the Singapore Biennale 2006 at the structure that you see on the photo above. This structure (that houses the Biennale’s public information and media centre) is now found within the compounds of the Singapore Management University, and it faces the National Museum of Singapore.

Initially, I did not take not much notice of this structure until the roof structure caught the attention of my eyes. My eyes were attracted to the geometrical patterns formed by the roof structure. Later did I find out that much of this roof structure was made of paper.

Paper architecture? Is that the term to use? It fascinated me to know that paper can be a sturdy building material. Perhaps those of you who are interested in paper architecture may like to check the links right below:

Come to think of it, the use of paper as a building material can be fairly cost-effective especially given the fact that the structure is supposedly meant to be a temporary one.

The bigger message that I gather is that behind all artistic pursuits, it is important to free one's mind. A free and open mind can then have the power to see greater possibilities even in the common daily objects.

Check out the Singapore Biennale 2006 :

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